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Vaccinium corymbosum

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Blue Gold

Info: 1.6m high, very producutive
Harvest: 1/8-1/-9
Taste: Tasty
Form: Semi-Large, Robust

Blue Jay

Info: 2m High Pretty Productive Few Berries Ripe Fruit
Harvest: 10/7-31/7
Taste: Mild Taste
Form: Middle Size - Large


Info: Up to 2m High Highly resistant to diseases Highly ressitant to frost and drought
Harvest: 15/7-20/8
Taste: Good taste
Form: Big


Info: 1,8m High Very productive Pretty Resistant to diseases
Harvest: 1/7 - 25/7
Taste: Good Taste, best kept in fridge
Form: Big and Robust


Info: Productive, resistant to diseases
Harvest: 15/7-10/8
Taste: Good Taste
Form: Pretty Big, Robust

North Country

Info: Up To 60 Cm Very resistant to frost
Form: 1 Cm


Info: Up to 2m Very Productive
Harvest: 10/7-5/8
Taste: Very Tasty
Form: Large


Info: Very Productive
Harvest: 10/7-31/7
Taste: Tasty
Form: Medium-Large


Info: Up to 2m High Very Productive Equal Riping Process
Harvest: 10/7-26/7
Taste: Tasty
Form: Sem-Large, Robust


Info: 1.5m - 2m
Harvest: 01/07-01-08
Taste: sweet - sour
Form: Large

Blue Suede

Info: 1.25m - 1.5m
Harvest: 15/07-20/08
Taste: Juicy / sweet
Form: Large